6 Rockville 3' Male REAN XLR to 4'' TRS 1 OFC Balanced 激安☆超特価 Cable 24円 6 Rockville 3' Male REAN XLR to 1/4'' TRS Balanced Cable OFC (6 Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage REAN,Balanced,to,/liquidogenic1411881.html,Rockville,e1cycle.co.uk,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,OFC,Male,24円,6,Cable,TRS,XLR,3',1/4'',(6 24円 6 Rockville 3' Male REAN XLR to 1/4'' TRS Balanced Cable OFC (6 Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage 6 Rockville 3' Male REAN XLR to 4'' TRS 1 OFC Balanced 激安☆超特価 Cable REAN,Balanced,to,/liquidogenic1411881.html,Rockville,e1cycle.co.uk,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,OFC,Male,24円,6,Cable,TRS,XLR,3',1/4'',(6

おしゃれ 6 Rockville 3' Male REAN XLR to 4'' TRS 1 OFC Balanced 激安☆超特価 Cable

6 Rockville 3' Male REAN XLR to 1/4'' TRS Balanced Cable OFC (6


6 Rockville 3' Male REAN XLR to 1/4'' TRS Balanced Cable OFC (6

Product Description

6 Rockville 3' Male REAN XLR to 1/4'' TRS Balanced Cable OFC (6 Colors)

Package Includes:

  • (1) Rockville RCXMB3-B Black Cable
  • (1) Rockville RCXMB3-BL Blue Cable
  • (1) Rockville RCXMB3-R Red Cable
  • (1) Rockville RCXMB3-Y Yellow Cable
  • (1) Rockville RCXMB3-G Green Cable
  • (1) Rockville RCXMB3-O Orange Cable


Rockville High Performance Cables are designed to provide efficient signal transfer for every application. Whether on stage, in the studio or at home, our Nickel-Plated, OFC (Oxygen-free copper) conductors assure that you have enhanced signal clarity with every use. Shielded for Superior EMI and RFI rejection, Rockville High Performance Cables are an ideal choice for all your audio connection needs.


  • Rockville RCXMB3-B Black Nickel Plated REAN XLR Male to 1/4'' TRS Cable
  • 24 AWG OFC Conductors for Enhanced Signal Clarity
  • 90 % OFC Spiral Shield for Effective EMI and RFI Rejection and Flexibility
  • Length: 3 Ft
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Orange


6 Rockville 3' Male REAN XLR to 1/4'' TRS Balanced Cable OFC (6


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