Dye,,Clairol,Blond,Light,/lairdocracy1412078.html,Semi-Permanent,Natural,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,9,14円,Instincts,Hair,e1cycle.co.uk Dye,,Clairol,Blond,Light,/lairdocracy1412078.html,Semi-Permanent,Natural,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,9,14円,Instincts,Hair,e1cycle.co.uk Clairol 限定特価 Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Blond 9 Dye Light Clairol 限定特価 Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Blond 9 Dye Light 14円 Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, 9 Light Blond Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 14円 Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, 9 Light Blond Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Clairol 限定特価 Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent 爆買いセール Hair Blond 9 Dye Light

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, 9 Light Blond


Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, 9 Light Blond

Product description

Clairol Natural Instincts demi-permanent hair dye for natural-looking, radiant color. Enhance your natural color, boost shine and blend away grays. Made with 80% naturally derived ingredients, Natural Instincts is infused with coconut oil and aloe vera to enhance natural color and boost shine. Available in 38 natural shades, so you can find the black, brunette, blonde, or red hue that's totally you. This vegan* natural hair dye is formulated with 0% ammonia or added parabens and lasts 28 shampoos. Discover your natural way to shine with Clairol Natural Instincts! *Learn more about Vegan on our website

From the manufacturer

Find your shade

How to Choose Your Shade: the 2 Shade Rule!

Start by determining what your natural hair color is. That means your virgin hair color. ​

If you want to go lighter: choose a shade no more than 2 shades lighter/ above your current shade. Note: If in doubt between 2 shades, always choose the lighter one.​ If you want to go darker: Start with 1 shade darker the first time to get a sense of what darker hair will look like on you.​



Our non-drip cream formula is so easy to apply. Just follow these simple steps:

1. PREP: Put on gloves. Squeeze the color enhancing cream tube into the color activator bottle. Shake thoroughly until the color mixture is totally blended.

PRO TIP: Use an old towel to protect your clothing and household surfaces.

Natural Instincts Nice’n Easy​ Root Touch Up​
Natural Instincts​ Nice’n Easy​ Root Touch Up​
Product type Hair Color Cream​ Hair Color Cream​ Hair Color Cream​
Permanency​ Demi-permanent​ Permanent​ Permanent​
Main benefit Enhance color amp; boost shine​ Natural-looking color with 100% gray coverage​ Blends roots, matches leading shades​
How long does it last 28 washes​ Up to 8 weeks​ Up to 3 weeks​
Numbers of shades​ 38 shades​ 50 shades​ 30 shades​

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, 9 Light Blond

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