COTTONBEBE Baby Sleeping Sack with 品質保証 0-12 Months Organic Cott feet 30円 COTTONBEBE Baby Sleeping Sack with feet,0-12 Months Organic Cott Baby Products Nursery COTTONBEBE,Organic,Sack,,Months,Cott,Baby,feet,0-12,Sleeping,/daffodilly1412107.html,30円,Baby Products , Nursery,with COTTONBEBE,Organic,Sack,,Months,Cott,Baby,feet,0-12,Sleeping,/daffodilly1412107.html,30円,Baby Products , Nursery,with 30円 COTTONBEBE Baby Sleeping Sack with feet,0-12 Months Organic Cott Baby Products Nursery COTTONBEBE Baby Sleeping Sack with 品質保証 0-12 Months Organic Cott feet

COTTONBEBE Baby Sleeping Sack with 品質保証 0-12 Months Organic Cott feet 市販

COTTONBEBE Baby Sleeping Sack with feet,0-12 Months Organic Cott


COTTONBEBE Baby Sleeping Sack with feet,0-12 Months Organic Cott

Product Description

COTTONBEBE Brand gives your baby care from nature!

Cottonbe is a brand of baby products which pursues safety and comfort .Our sleeping bags, clothes, toys and so on are made of natural organic cotton and bamboo fiber. With organic cotton green, white, brown as the main color, to create a natural, comfortable, safe, high-quality baby products. Softness, comfort and safety are the standards of our brand and the preferred standards of parents.

0-12m sleepsack

Why Chioce COTTONBEBE "Grow With Your Baby"Sleep sack?

✔Excellent value - The baby sleep bag with feet is adjustable and durable ,you don’t have to buy a different size and weighted sleeping bag every few months.

✔Reduce startle reflex - Swaddling newborns allow them to feel secure as they transition to sleeping outside the womb ,help gently combat the startle reflex.It’s perfect for 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 months old nursery who is not yet rolling over and likes to be swaddled with their arms in.

✔100% Natural - 50% Silky soft organic cotton and 50% bamboo fiber.

✔100% Safe and Healthy - No fluorescent agent, no fading, no odor and antistatic.Light color helps to protect baby's eyes.

✔4 Season use - 2.5 TOG ,The newborn sleep sacks is suitable for both summer and winter.

✔Replaces loose blankets - Helps baby stay covered through the night, replaces loose blankets in the crib and promotes back sleeping

organic cotton

COTTONBEBE Baby product only use colored organic cotton

COTTONBEBE always pursuit comfort and safety instead of beautiful color

  • No printing and dyeing
  • No fluorescent agent
  • Color fastness
  • Soft and Safe
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Age Range 0-12M 0-12M 0-6M 0-6M 0-24M
Material Organic Cottonamp;Bamboo fiber Organic Cottonamp;Bamboo fiber Organic Cottonamp;Bamboo fiber Organic Cottonamp;Bamboo fiber Organic Cottonamp;Bamboo fiber
Foot openings to provide mobility and comfort for toddler,tunk feet in at night for warmth
Roomy sack design to promote headlthy hip development
3-way adjustable swaddle wrap

COTTONBEBE Baby Sleeping Sack with feet,0-12 Months Organic Cott

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