ZRNG Vaccum Cleaner Cyclone 新作 Dust Generati Fifth Collector Filter 23円 ZRNG Vaccum Cleaner Cyclone Dust Collector Filter Fifth Generati Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Dust,Fifth,Vaccum,23円,/autosight1412092.html,ZRNG,Filter,Generati,e1cycle.co.uk,Collector,Cyclone,Cleaner,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools Dust,Fifth,Vaccum,23円,/autosight1412092.html,ZRNG,Filter,Generati,e1cycle.co.uk,Collector,Cyclone,Cleaner,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools 23円 ZRNG Vaccum Cleaner Cyclone Dust Collector Filter Fifth Generati Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools ZRNG Vaccum Cleaner Cyclone 新作 Dust Generati Fifth Collector Filter

ZRNG Vaccum Cleaner Cyclone 新作 Dust Generati Fifth Collector 即納 Filter

ZRNG Vaccum Cleaner Cyclone Dust Collector Filter Fifth Generati


ZRNG Vaccum Cleaner Cyclone Dust Collector Filter Fifth Generati

Product description

Features :
The fifth generation turbocharged cyclones:

It work will not produce static electricity and withstand 150 degrees of heat, applicable to 50 atmospheres below.

Ensure efficient dust removal:

If you want to improve the efficiency of dust, you can add a filter in front of the fan.

Model: SN25T5T

Type: Cyclone

Material: Aluminium alloy

Bag Or Bagless: Bagless

Efficiency: 90-99%

Dust Storage Type: Dust Box / Dust Bucket

How to work?
Just need to make it series connected with the normal vacuum as its’ power supply.

It can work with all kind of vacuum cleaner, such as household vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, whirlpool fan.

Widely used: wood, machinery, textiles, home improvement, food, grain, coal, cement, building materials, thermal power, metallurgy, iron and steel, chemicals, cleaning cars, dust removal equipment manufacturing and other industries

Package Included:
1 x Fifth Generation Cyclone Dust Filter

ZRNG Vaccum Cleaner Cyclone Dust Collector Filter Fifth Generati

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