/Corrigiola1207118.html,+,J48,XLR,e1cycle.co.uk,Radial,Mogami,154円,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,Cable Radial J48 + Cable XLR オンライン限定商品 Mogami 154円 Radial J48 + Mogami XLR Cable Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment /Corrigiola1207118.html,+,J48,XLR,e1cycle.co.uk,Radial,Mogami,154円,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,Cable 154円 Radial J48 + Mogami XLR Cable Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment Radial J48 + Cable XLR オンライン限定商品 Mogami

Radial J48 + Cable XLR オンライン限定商品 2020 新作 Mogami

Radial J48 + Mogami XLR Cable


Radial J48 + Mogami XLR Cable

Product description

Product Description For Raial J48 With Mogami 15' XLR Cable Package Includes 1 X Radial J48 1 X Mogami 15' XLR Cable Radial J48 The Radial J48 has been designed from the ground up to deliver the most natural tone. As a direct box manufacturer, we do not believe it is our task to alter the sound of your prized '1962 Fender Jazz Bass', but retain and transfer the true character of the instrument to the mixing console without adding distortion or introducing artifact. This design philosophy has gained a tremendous following from many of the world's most demanding musicians. Using only 48V phantom power, the Radial J48 is an active direct box that produces an exceptionally linear response that extends from 20Hz up to well above 40kHz. Low distortion of all types is achieved via a unique digital switching power supply that raises the internal operating rail voltage for added headroom and improved signal handling. The results are truly amazing. The J48 delivers an ideal even-order harmonic cascade and a sonic performance that outperforms DIs costing several hundreds more. Mogami 15' XLR Cable The Gold Series uses selected Mogami Neglex "Studio Quad" Oxygen Free Copper cable. This 4-conductor cable actually cancels noise caused by poor ground planes and high RF or electromagnetic fields. The ultra-low-noise spiral shield is the most densely wound available. All this engineering helps cure many of the problems encountered in a project or home studio, creating a much quieter recording environment with vastly improved Dynamic Range.

Radial J48 + Mogami XLR Cable

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