GPM AXIAL SCX10 III WRANGLER-AXI03007 Front Aluminum Shock 特価品コーナー☆ Mount GPM AXIAL SCX10 III WRANGLER-AXI03007 Front Aluminum Shock 特価品コーナー☆ Mount Front,20円,Toys Games , Vehicles,,AXIAL,III,SCX10,WRANGLER-AXI03007,Aluminum,Mount,Shock,/Assyroid1411935.html,GPM 20円 GPM AXIAL SCX10 III WRANGLER-AXI03007 Aluminum Front Shock Mount Toys Games Vehicles Front,20円,Toys Games , Vehicles,,AXIAL,III,SCX10,WRANGLER-AXI03007,Aluminum,Mount,Shock,/Assyroid1411935.html,GPM 20円 GPM AXIAL SCX10 III WRANGLER-AXI03007 Aluminum Front Shock Mount Toys Games Vehicles

GPM AXIAL スーパーセール SCX10 III WRANGLER-AXI03007 Front Aluminum Shock 特価品コーナー☆ Mount

GPM AXIAL SCX10 III WRANGLER-AXI03007 Aluminum Front Shock Mount


GPM AXIAL SCX10 III WRANGLER-AXI03007 Aluminum Front Shock Mount

Product description


Aluminum Front Shock Mount - 12Pc Set
Made from quality light weight high tensile strength aluminum 6061T6 for good sturdiness and support. Multiple positioning holes to adjust angle of the shocks to suit different driving condition.
Package includes : Damper plate-3pcs ; Stainless steel round head screws 3*18-3pcs ; Stainless steel flat head screws 3*14-2pcs ; Stainless steel flat head screws 3*12-3pcs ; Stainless steel flat head screws 3*8-1pcs.
Original stock part number : AXI231017.
Will fit : Axial 1/10 SCX10 III Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Rock Crawler (AXI03007)

GPM AXIAL SCX10 III WRANGLER-AXI03007 Aluminum Front Shock Mount

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